iOS engineer who likes clean, simple designs and sans-serif.

CoreData [Example]

Below are my notes for getting CoreData to work on iOS 7. Create new project – Use Menu => New Project => iOS => Application => Empty Application. – Make …

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Parse [Cheatsheet]

This is updated as of Parse v1.2.17, Ruby v2.0.0, and RubyGems v2.2.0. Installing Ruby and Rubygems (and HomeBrew).   ruby -v   brew install ruby   gem -v   sudo …

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UIAlertView Plain Text Input (Example)

An example of UIAlertView to input data v7 1) Set up IBAction for button – (IBAction)addAlbumBarButtonItemPressed:(UIBarButtonItem *)sender {     UIAlertView *newAlbumAlertView = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Enter New Album Name" message:nil …

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UITableView Cheatsheet

My cheatsheet for a basic setup with UITableView: 1) Conform header to UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate in .h @interface LLViewController : UIViewController <LLAddTaskViewControllerDelegate, UITableViewDataSource, UITableViewDelegate> 2) Set delegate and datasource to …

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Javascript, not jQuery [Selectors]

I decided that I’m going to start learning the raw Javascript behind jQuery and post my cheat-sheets here so I can refer to them quickly if I forget. We’ll start …

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Autoplaying Wistia Video in Modal

When a user clicks a link, this code injects the Wistia video into a Modal, opens the Modal and then automatically plays the video. (Requires Foundation Reveal, videos hosted on …

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Scrolling Links With No Anchor Tags In URL

I stumbled on a cool trick to allow a nav bar to scroll/link to certain sections on the page, without leaving a nasty hash tag #AnchorLink in the URL. Normally, …

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NSUserDefault Cheatsheet

Some notes on how to save, update and persist data using NSUserDefault. // Access NSUserDefaults using arrayForKey NSMutableArray *spaceObjectPropertyLists =   [[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] arrayForKey:SPACE_OBJECTS_KEY] mutableCopy]; // If data doesn’t exist, …

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Pulling Jobs From

Here’s a quick Javascript snippet I wrote for pulling jobs from Greenhouse for GA. Saving for future reference… but you also can host GA’s jobs on your site. :) I …

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iOS Protocol + Delegation CheatSheet

My cheatsheet on how to set up Protocols + Delegation in iOS: TargetViewController.h: Create protocol  @protocol TargetViewControllerDelegate @required …methods… @end Create delegate @property (weak, nonatomic) id delegate; SourceViewController.h: #import “TargetViewController.h” …

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