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Entrepreneur’s Biggest Obstacle: Pursuit of Perfection

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Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Dirty

The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur is execution.  Entrepreneurs never seem to lack business ideas.  That’s the easy and fun part.

The difficult part is rolling up your sleeves and getting the RIGHT deliverables done.  We tend to procrastinate or try to justify doing things that aren’t productive.  


A “wantrepreneur” only sees the end result and wants that, but ultimately sits on the sidelines or works on meaningless tasks. A successful entrepreneur takes actionable deliverable-based steps to get there.

What does that mean exactly?

  • It means creating interesting engaging content NOT looking for someone else to do it for you.
  • It means writing NOT picking the right WordPress theme or layout.
  • It means creating an actual technical product that solves a problem NOT copying another portal or blog or social platform or consulting service that doesn’t scale or that is easy to copy.

OK sounds easy, why can’t I do this?

Remember what I said about the fun part of being an entrepreneur?  It’s the idea generation part.  People leave out the part about doing stuff you hate simply because someone has to do it.

  • We dream of making a beautiful, well laid out portal NOT a WordPress blog with a common template.
  • We dream of making a platform NOT solving one specific small problem.
  • We dream of making the next Facebook killer NOT some horrible Minimum Viable Product that is almost embarrassing to look at.

The thing is, we fantasize about an app or site or service that may not be what the customer wants.  Remember,  “If you don’t ship it, it doesn’t count” – Will Critchlow

It’s so easy to fall into these traps over and over again. But recently, I was finally able to tap into my passion and learn to take risks by telling myself that “IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT”.  In school, we are taught to only hand in our final best work.  To a certain extent, people interested in technology tend to be perfectionists.

That’s not the case with startups.  Startups need to constantly iterate or face extinction.

Kill the Pursuit of Perfection and you’ll be on your way to killing the Wantrepreneur inside you.

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