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Do You Need an MBA For Entrepreneurship in NYC?

Have you been thinking about an MBA for entrepreneurship?  I have.

But have you seen all the awesome resources for tech startups that are popping up in New York City?

Just three years ago, I struggled with the prospect of pursuing an MBA.  Well back then, an MBA was really the only option for entrepreneurship other than just diving in and doing it… and I wasn’t ready at the time.  I even studied for the GMAT for months and actually did pretty well.  But then the Financial Crisis hit and gave me pause.

Less than a year ago, I discovered General Assembly via Startup Weekend NYC and my life has changed!

It started off with me joining the GA mailing list.

Then I learned about Quora, TechCrunch and followed all the important people to follow on Twitter, which gave me a good pulse on the market and taught me a lot of the lingo.

Through all that, I somehow found out about Startup Digest, which i read religiously now.  It helps me snipe the classes I want most, and I genuinely try to take a class every 1-2 weeks, schedule permitting.

Then I started poking around the free content from AppSumo and Mixergy.  I bought a few online courses, to learn the basics of Ruby, design/UI, and frankly a lot of random stuff that I am interested in.

Then suddenly Skillshare unleashed itself and BAM!  I blinked and now I suddenly have tons of choices every week now… almost too many choices.  So much to learn, so little time.

So back to the MBA?  I dunno if I can justify the salary hit (x2 years) + cost of education… unless MAYBE it’s one of the very top programs.  Paying “a la carte” is much cheaper and more specific to what I need now.People say the MBA is all fluff.  I actually find that some of the classes I’m taking are too fluffy, so I can’t even imagine what an MBA class would be like now.I know I know, San Francisco is the place to be for tech startups.But the future is bright for New York Startups, led by FourSquare, Hunch, Etsy, Tumblr, Gilt Group, SkillShare and a host of others.

Oh yeah, how could I forget?

Now, Mayor Bloomberg is also looking to start a tech campus in New York City and hopefully, my alma mater is the favorite.  To sign the petition to support Cornell, a NEW YORK school for NEW YORK CITY, sign it now!)

Why am I spending money on these classes?I look at it this way:  I have an income.  I can buy all these classes and courses while I have a “Real Job”.  I can learn all the lingo and prepare as much as I can before I take the big leap……which I hope is coming real soon.

What do you think?  Do other aspiring entrepreneurs still feel the need for an MBA?

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