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Making an image transparent

To make an image background transparent:

  1. Open the image in Photoshop that has a white background that we want to get rid of.
  2. transparent-ga-logo-before

  3. In the bottom right, select the layer. Right click and choose “Layer From Background”. 
  4. transparent-layer-from-background

  5. Click Ok and you will have a new layer that isn’t a background layer.
  6. transparent-ps-layer

  7. Click on the magic wand and select the background.
  8. transparent-ps-wand

  9. Hit the “delete” key and BOOM! Hopefully you don’t have to manually go in and touch up anything the wand missed. (Not going to cover that here.)
  10. transparent-ga-logo-after

  11. Now, clean it up and “Save For Web” (make sure to use .png format). All done.
    PS — I chose this logo so you could see the transparency.  Obviously, this doesn’t work for my black background site.

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