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frequently used vim commands

For the vim newbies out there, here’s a list of the vim commands that I use most on a day-to-day basis. vim seems really intimidating at first, but once you …

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Javascript, not jQuery [Selectors]

I decided that I’m going to start learning the raw Javascript behind jQuery and post my cheat-sheets here so I can refer to them quickly if I forget. We’ll start …

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Autoplaying Wistia Video in Modal

When a user clicks a link, this code injects the Wistia video into a Modal, opens the Modal and then automatically plays the video. (Requires Foundation Reveal, videos hosted on …

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Scrolling Links With No Anchor Tags In URL

I stumbled on a cool trick to allow a nav bar to scroll/link to certain sections on the page, without leaving a nasty hash tag #AnchorLink in the URL. Normally, …

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Pulling Jobs From

Here’s a quick Javascript snippet I wrote for pulling jobs from Greenhouse for GA. Saving for future reference… but you also can host GA’s jobs on your site. :) I …

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Checkbox… err Radio Button Hack

While I was building @GA’s Valentine’s Day promotion It’s a Date, I ran into a another form styling issue: checkboxes and radio buttons.  Last time, when I had issues with …

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Host webpages on Google Drive

Apparently, you can also host web pages on Google Drive now: I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems pretty cool and easy, minus the long URL.

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Using Lists Instead of Form Selects

Over the holidays, I was really busy working on a little mini-app for our New Years Resolution campaign, a “mad-libs” style new years resolution. We chose to make it not …

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Hosting Pages on Github

Today I saw a sample portfolio piece being hosted on Github. This sparked my curiosity so I decided to try to figure out how to host my Front End Web …

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Down Arrow as Text

Quick neat thing I learned today: Earlier, we made a design decision that we didn’t want to confuse the interaction of our “call to action buttons” with our “in-page anchor …

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